Atheists on Motorcycles

What is up with christians and motorcycles? Every motorcycle event I go to is very well attended by people who show their love of Jesus by riding motorcycles. Or maybe they just show their love of Jesus while they are riding motorcycle. If you ride much, you’ve seen them – club patches the size of the oil slick under a ’71 AMF Harley – bringing religion into something which has absolutely nothing to do with religion.

It all begs the question: What the fuck has Jesus got to do with motorcycles?

I don’t care whether or not some guy believes in the alleged human son of the alleged non-human creator of the universe. Actually I do care but there is little to be done about it. People on this planet can and will believe some pretty crazy shit. But, by itself, it is of no consequence to me. I do kinda resent constantly being confronted with it, though.

Face it. Any public proclamation of your religious beliefs is (a) a narcissistic and, more often than not, entirely unfounded claim of superiority and (b) a scary reminder of the violent past of both christianity and the super-ironically named Hells Angels, and (c) an increasingly unnecessary source of friction in an increasingly diverse country.

As an Atheist, I think that leaving any religious intrusion hanging in the air, unchallenged, is tacit consent. Public displays of religion should, at the very least, be diluted by the presence of alternative viewpoints on the subject of religion prominently displayed.

No, that doesn’t mean that I am looking for a fight or that I confront rolling christers every time I see a patch. That would be exhausting. And a little bit crazy. It is enough to merely make the presence of Atheists known. And if they want to talk about it, fine. I’ll talk about it. But they need to know that they no longer have the floor to themselves, that the growing prominence and acceptance of atheism will ultimately require them to attenuate their assumption that public displays of religion are just fine with everyone in the room.

Date: Wednesday, 12. January 2011 14:27
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